I've been trying to do my homework on USB 3.0 hubs and consensus seems to be that they all have quirks at some point irregardless of controller. Some certainly do work better than others but since most manufacturers believe that this information is not important you end up buying these blindly as there may be unannounced revisions that has a completely different controller.

After quite a bit of reading I ended up with the conclusion that VIA VL812 is the best known controller around but it's not without its flaws. Doing some more research I found that this is one of the few controllers some actually mention in a product spec sheet as a feature. As I just needed a few ports additionally I went with a 4-port hub by HooToo called HT-UH002 which was reasonably priced at that time and did work as a bus powered only hub in most cases. While it didn't work for my intended application (not caused by the USB hub itself as it turned out) I ended up using it in my desktop instead. Most of the time it worked fine but occasionally it would decide to stop working.

Bothered with the issues I decided to have a look again to find something that worked without any issues, it turned out that VL812 (revision B2) as of writing is still the best one around. I did find a company called Plugable that's very open about the hardware being used and they actually do try to improve their products. One of their earlier products utilized the same chipset as my HooToo and they also provide firmware updates. While you technically can brick your hub it worked fine in my case and after updating the firmware it's been working great.

The firmware can be found here and is used at your own risk.